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Whether you are organizing a family reunion or have a special interest group (museum, culinary, Chamber of Commerce, physician’s, faith-based, etc), SITA World Tours will help you through the intricate process of crafting the best itinerary, preferences, and services for your group regardless of size. When you travel together in the form of a special group, it allows you to connect, learn and truly enjoy with others who share a similar interest, all while experiencing a new and exciting destination.

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A Customized tour with SITA World Tours in these easy steps:

  1. Look at SITA’s schuduled itineraries. These are carefully planned by SITA’s Destination Specialists and include some of the top attractions. These can be used as guides for what to visit and help in budgeting for your time and money.
  2. Request a Quote by using the form below.
  3. One of SITA’s Destination Specialists will create a seamless, customized tour just for You. I twill be based on your preferred dates of travel, the amount of time you want to travel, where you want to visit and what special activities you want to include.
  4. Depart on your personalized tailor-made vacation knowing that you have access to SITA’s 24/7 customer service while in destination.

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