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Classical South America: Brazil, Argentina & Chile
12 Days

Prices from $4,886 per person

This exciting itinerary gives you the opportunity to sample the highlights of South America with a taste of everything that makes this massive continent so alluring. Pre-Columbian life, colonial history, natural beauty and modern sizzle blend to make every day a day of adventure and discovery.

Explore Atacama
4 Days

Prices from $2,973 per person

A fascinating geological plateau, the Atacama Desert has been likened to a moonscape with vistas that compare to nothing else on earth. Explore this magical expanse for a unique adventure.

Explore Easter Island
4 Days

Prices from $840 per person

Long a destination of mystery, Easter Island offers a special, off-the-beaten-track adventure. You will explore the ancient moai (sculptures) that have fascinated and baffled history buffs for generations.

South America in Luxury
12 Days

Prices from $5,225 per person
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