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Costa Rica Wonders
12 Days


12 Days: San Jose, Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde & Pacific Beach

Tour Overview:
Discover the wonders of Costa Rica in 12 days: visit Tortuguero National Park on the Caribbean and learn about the protection of the sea turtles in the area; gaze at the impressive perfect conic shape of the Arenal Volcano; travel through the Monteverde Cloud Forest, the most biologically diverse area in Costa Rica; learn about Costa Rican coffee and sugar cane production at family ranch; and relax on the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches.

Day 1 – Arrive San Jose

Arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica. You are welcomed and transferred to the hotel for a one-night stay.

Day 2 – San Jose – Tortuguero National Park

Early in the morning, you will depart from San Jose to the North Caribbean Plains, where the most important attraction is the Tortuguero National Park, one of the most exuberant national parks in Costa Rica. On the way, you will be ascending through the Central Volcanic mountain range where you will appreciate from the bus, beautiful waterfalls and the always-green forests, which adorn the Braulio Carrillo National Park. As you reach the Caribbean plains you will notice a change in the climate, as it becomes a bit warmer and humid but pleasant.
After breakfast on route, the journey will continue passing very likely through banana fields and getting deeper in the rural roads until reaching a local dock where the boats are waiting to transfer you to Tortuguero. An approximate one and half hour boat ride, will take you through the canals sheltered in the jungle of the rain forest. From the boat, you will be able to admire the unique flora and fauna of this area, along with different types of birds. Upon arrival to the Tortuguero area, normally there will be a short briefing of the lodge, activities and afterwards lunch. Check-in to your lodge.
In the afternoon, you will visit the village of Tortuguero. Where you will learn the lifestyle of local residents as per example the different coloring of their homes surrounded by the gorgeous canals and in general to know the significant conservation efforts that some NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have developed to protect the sea turtles that come to spawn each year along the 20 miles of the protected coastline. (BLD)

Day 3 – Tortuguero National Park

During this day, you will explore (by boat) some of the secondary canals in this paradisiacal place, having the opportunity to observe in a closer form the nature that surrounds it. Many natural navigable canals and lagoons, which crosses the park, offers the opportunity to contemplate the biological diversity of this region. We can point out the variety of birds, turtles, reptiles, the forests and even some mammals. The park has a total of 76,316 protected hectares, with approximately 26,156 land with the different Canals and deltas, in which mostly is to conserve the wetlands and there is a bigger protected portion of the park which covers beaches and the sea (specially created to protect the sea turtle). The average annual rainfall is between 4,500 a 6,000mm. Rest of the day at leisure. (BLD)

Day 4 – Tortuguero National Park – Arenal Volcano

At mid-morning, the journey continues with a boat transfer back to the local dock and afterwards continuing by road to the Northern Plains. On route, we will be making a connection and lunch stop in the area of Guapiles. The route to the Arenal Volcano offers amazing mountain views, passing nearby towns such as Sarapiqui, Muelle and Fortuna. You will also observe from the road, one of the major sources of revenue in the area: the agriculture, so you will have the opportunity according with the season to see from the distance, the crops of pineapple, oranges, sugar cane, yucca and many others. Arrive to La Fortuna de San Carlos town late afternoon where if the weather conditions allows it, you will be able to observe the mighty Arenal Volcano, which welcomes you to the area, with its impressive perfect conic shape. Check in at the selected hotel, where you will be staying the next two nights. (BL)

Day 5 – Arenal Volcano

Morning at leisure. For the afternoon, you will have programmed a visit to the Arenal Volcano surroundings and the Tabacon Hot springs. Upon reaching the departing point, you will receive important information regarding the day’s itinerary and the region from an experienced tour guide. Within the trails, you will observe in the surroundings areas, the wide variety of flora and fauna and a nearby viewpoint will let you appreciate ancient lava flows that have turned to stone over the centuries. The tour guide will share important information about the area, as well as useful recommendations that will allow you to discover more secrets of the wildlife that hides among the vegetation, making this a unique and unforgettable experience. The hike concludes about 2 hours later; after which you will be transferred to a natural hot springs. These hot springs features a hot river that flows through a series of pools. From cascading falls to tropical gardens, the hot springs are the result of rainwater heated by magma in the Earth’s interior. Once heated, the waters rise to surface, taking with them minerals found in the earth’s rocky crust; this way, waters become very benefic to your body because of its temperature that helps to relax muscles, clean pores and rejuvenate the skin. After dinner, return back to your hotel in Arenal. (BD)

Day 6 – Arenal Volcano – Monteverde

Today in the morning, you will be taken to the higher mountains in the Tilaran Mountain Range, specifically to the area of the Monteverde Cloud Forest. In some portions of trip are held through gravel roads, but this is a gorgeous tourist region, which borders the Arenal Lake, with excellent views to the mountains, Lake and the Arenal Volcano. The higher lands of the cloud forest of Monteverde makes a special place for adventure lovers with class and style. This area besides the agricultural and farming, is filled with Protected Forest Reserves, which provides a gran variety of green sceneries and nice for birdwatching, along with its cool/fresh temperature which provides an interesting experience of the rural area of Costa Rica. The vegetation is covered with orchids, bromeliads, ferns, vines, mosses and its density is part of the attractive. Two night stay at selected Hotel.
For midafternoon, a visit to the El Trapiche is programmed. Monteverde is a great destination to experience the culture and tradition of the Costa Rican in a sustainable way with the environment and the community. El Trapiche is a family-run ranch where you will learn all about the traditional methods of production in a local farm. The 2 hours walk begins with an interactive tour through a hilly paths bordered by nature and different plantations. The walk is not far, nor is it intense, so the visit is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and everyone could actually touch and feel the products at each stage, to have an authentic experience. You will see the entire process of coffee production, starting with it is grown and how the beans are collected by hand from the bush to ensure that only the ripe cherries are picked. Then, passing by the grinding and peeling, until drying and roasting to get it ready and enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee. In the cocoa process, you will see how chocolate becomes the product we know and love. Sugar is another product that you will have the chance to learn about. You will see how the sugar cane is grinded and how, at the end of the process, delicious candy and brown sugar is obtained. In each plantation, the guide will explain you the artisan process using typical artefacts that are involved in the production. At the end of the tour, you will enjoy a “gallo de arracache” a very typical meal of the Costa Rican Culinary Culture served with fresh coffee or sugar cane juice. (Logistics of tour subject to changes). (B)

Day 7 – Monteverde

In the morning, you have programmed the visit to the Monteverde Reserve.This region is considered one of the most biologically diverse areas in the country. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has over 10,500 hectares and is located 6 km from the small town of Santa Elena. Located at an altitude between 1,200 and 1,600 m, this cloud forest gives you the chance of exploring a different type of forest, allowing you to make your very own comparison between the biodiversity found in a rainforest and a cloud forest, proving that Costa Rica is full of natural treasures. This tour will show you all the different types of ecosystems to be found in the region, as you learn more about the unique wildlife, many of which is endemic to the area. If you are lucky, you might be able to see the beautiful Quetzal roaming on the surrounding forest, the three-wattled bellbird or the black-faced solitaire. Equally impressive is the unique flora, like orchids, bromeliads and strangler figs, which only adds to this forest’s already impressive beauty. Rest of the day at leisure. (B)

Day 8 – Monteverde – Pacific Beach (Guanacaste or the Manuel Antonio area)

Today, you will continue your journey, toward the beautiful and paradisiacal pacific beaches of Costa Rica, which are known in the world, especially as per the combination of the tropical forest with the multicolored beaches. You will have the option to head on to the Guanacaste or the Manuel Antonio area for 3 nights. (B)

Days 9 & 10 – Pacific Beach

These days are at your own paste to relax, enjoy the sun and beach and eventually take one of the different optional (extra cost) activities, which are offered, in the area. Some of these activities are Visiting National Parks, Canopy, boat rides, river rafting and many others for you to discover. (B)

Day 11 – Pacific Beach – San Jose

Programed for today is your return transfer back to the city of San Jose, place where you will be staying the last night of the program. (B)

Day 12 – San Jose – SJO International Airport

According to your international flight departure, you will be transported from your hotel in San Jose to the Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) for your departure flight. (B)

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DatesDbl OccSgl Occ
Jan 01 - Jan 12$2,145$2,925
Jan 08 - Jan 19$2,145$2,925
Jan 15 - Jan 26$2,145$2,925
Jan 22 - Feb 02$2,145$2,925
Jan 29 - Feb 09$2,145$2,925
Feb 05 -Feb 16$2,145$2,925
Feb 12 - Feb 23$2,145$2,925
Feb 19 - Mar 02$2,145$2,925
Feb 26 - Mar 09$2,145$2,925
Mar 05 - Mar 16$2,145$2,925
Mar 12 - Mar 23$2,145$2,925
Mar 19 - Mar 30$2,145$2,925
Mar 26 - Apr 06$2,145$2,925
Apr 02 - Apr 13$2,145$2,925
Apr 09 - Apr 20$2,145$2,925
Apr 16 - Apr 27$2,145$2,925
Apr 23 - May 04$2,145$2,925
Apr 30 - May 11$2,145$2,925
May 07 - May 18$2,130$2,890
May 14 - May 25$2,130$2,890
May 21 - Jun 01$2,130$2,890
May 28 - Jun 08$2,130$2,890
Jun 04 - Jun 15$2,130$2,890
Jun 11 - Jun 22$2,130$2,890
Jun 18 - Jun 29$2,130$2,890
Jun 25 - Jul 06$2,130$2,890
Jul 02 - Jul 13$2,165$2,930
Jul 09 - Jul 20$2,165$2,930
Jul 16 - Jul 27$2,165$2,930
Jul 23 - Aug 03$2,165$2,930
Jul 30 - Aug 10$2,165$2,930
Aug 06 - Aug 17$2,165$2,930
Aug 13 - Aug 24$2,165$2,930
Aug 20 - Aug 31$2,165$2,930
Aug 27 - Sep 07$2,165$2,930
Sep 03 - Sep 14$2,165$2,930
Sep 10 - Sep 21$2,165$2,930
Sep 17 - Sep 28$2,165$2,930
Sep 24 - Oct 05$2,165$2,930
Oct 01 - Oct 12$2,165$2,930
Oct 08 - Oct 19$2,165$2,930
Oct 15 - Oct 26$2,165$2,930
Oct 22 - Nov 02$2,165$2,930
Oct 29 - Nov 09$2,165$2,930
Nov 05 - Nov 16$2,165$2,930
Nov 12 - Nov 23$2,165$2,930
Nov 19 - Nov 30$2,165$2,930
Nov 26 - Dec 07$2,165$2,930
DatesDbl OccSgl Occ
Jan 01 - Jan 12$2,595$3,780
Jan 08 - Jan 19$2,595$3,780
Jan 15 - Jan 26$2,595$3,780
Jan 22 - Feb 02$2,595$3,780
Jan 29 - Feb 09$2,595$3,780
Feb 05 -Feb 16$2,595$3,780
Feb 12 - Feb 23$2,595$3,780
Feb 19 - Mar 02$2,595$3,780
Feb 26 - Mar 09$2,595$3,780
Mar 05 - Mar 16$2,595$3,780
Mar 12 - Mar 23$2,595$3,780
Mar 19 - Mar 30$2,595$3,780
Mar 26 - Apr 06$2,595$3,780
Apr 02 - Apr 13$2,595$3,780
Apr 09 - Apr 20$2,595$3,780
Apr 16 - Apr 27$2,595$3,780
Apr 23 - May 04$2,595$3,780
Apr 30 - May 11$2,595$3,780
May 07 - May 18$2,545$3,680
May 14 - May 25$2,545$3,680
May 21 - Jun 01$2,545$3,680
May 28 - Jun 08$2,545$3,680
Jun 04 - Jun 15$2,545$3,680
Jun 11 - Jun 22$2,545$3,680
Jun 18 - Jun 29$2,545$3,680
Jun 25 - Jul 06$2,545$3,680
Jul 02 - Jul 13$2,575$3,715
Jul 09 - Jul 20$2,575$3,715
Jul 16 - Jul 27$2,575$3,715
Jul 23 - Aug 03$2,575$3,715
Jul 30 - Aug 10$2,575$3,715
Aug 06 - Aug 17$2,575$3,715
Aug 13 - Aug 24$2,575$3,715
Aug 20 - Aug 31$2,575$3,715
Aug 27 - Sep 07$2,575$3,715
Sep 03 - Sep 14$2,575$3,715
Sep 10 - Sep 21$2,575$3,715
Sep 17 - Sep 28$2,575$3,715
Sep 24 - Oct 05$2,575$3,715
Oct 01 - Oct 12$2,575$3,715
Oct 08 - Oct 19$2,575$3,715
Oct 15 - Oct 26$2,575$3,715
Oct 22 - Nov 02$2,575$3,715
Oct 29 - Nov 09$2,575$3,715
Nov 05 - Nov 16$2,575$3,715
Nov 12 - Nov 23$2,575$3,715
Nov 19 - Nov 30$2,575$3,715
Nov 26 - Dec 07$2,575$3,715
Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort
Jan - Dec, 2022$865$1,730
JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa
Jan 05 - Mar 26, 2022$915$1,830
Mar 27 - Apr 03, 2022$1,295$2,585
Apr 04 - Dec 10, 2022$560$1,120
* Minimum 2 passengers
* It is possible to depart on this program on any day. Please check for private tour rates.
* Single travelling alone price is available upon request
* Rates not valid for travel during Holly weeks of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Easter.
DestinationPropertyRoom type
San JoséPark Inn by RadissonStandard
TortugueroLaguna LodgeStandard
Arenal VolcanoArenal ParaisoStandard
MonteverdeMonteverde Cloud ForestStandard
Pacific Beach (Guanacaste)Hotel NammbuDeluxe
San JoséCountry Inn & SuitesStandard
DestinationPropertyRoom type
San JoséHoliday Inn San Jose AurolaStandard
TortugueroPachira LodgeStandard
Arenal VolcanoArenal KioroSuite
MonteverdeEl EstabloDeluxe
Pacific Beach (Guanacaste)Hotel NammbuDeluxe
San JoséDouble Tree CariariSuperior

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Inclusions & Highlights

  • Regular arrival transfer from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) to San Jose area.
  • 11 nights’ accommodations as per the itinerary at the selected hotel.
  • Meals: 8 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches & 3 Dinners.
  • 3 days’ regular package at selected lodge, Tortuguero.

Includes: Ground and boat transportation (San Jose – Tortuguero – Guapiles), lodging, daily meals, visit to the Tortuguero Village and tour to the secondary Tortuguero canals. (activities subject to changes).

  • Regular transfer from Guapiles (drop off point of the Tortuguero package) to the Arenal Volcano selected hotel.
  • Regular Half Day Arenal Volcano surroundings Hike and Tabacon Hot Springs.

Includes: Transportation, Guide, entrance fee & dinner.  Logistics of tour subject to changes.  Children under 4 not allowed on the tour.

  • Regular transfer from Arenal to Monteverde area.
  • Regular half day El Trapiche Tour (cultural experience).
  • Regular half day Monteverde Cloud Forest Private Reserve.
  • Regular transfer from Monteverde to Selected Beach destination in the Pacific Coast, either Guanacaste area or Manuel Antonio.
  • Regular shuttle transfer from Guanacaste or Manuel Antonio area to selected hotel in San Jose.
  • Regular departure transfer from San José selected hotel to (SJO) Juan Santamaria International Airport.

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