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Argentine Triangle
9 Days


9 Days: Buenos Aires, El Calafate & Puerto Iguazú

Tour Overview:
Visit the Triangle of Argentina: Buenos Aires, Patagonia, and Iguazu Falls. Start in Buenos Aires where you will explore the city and take a Tango lesson. Travel south to pristine, beautiful Patagonia where you will visit the UNSECO Natural Heritage Site of Perito Moreno Glacier. Then travel to border shared with Brazil and Paraguay to witness the impressive Iguazu Falls.

Day 1 – Buenos Aires

Arrival at the airport and transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, we make a panoramic tour of the city, starting in Plaza de Mayo to continue then to the neighbourhood of La Boca and finish at Palermo and Recoleta, where its famous cemetery is located. In the evening, we attend a dinner show where we take a tango lesson, learn the basic steps of this rhythm, and then enjoy the magnetism of tango. (D)

Day 2 – Buenos Aires

Day at leisure to explore Buenos Aires in your own way.(B)

Day 3 – Buenos Aires / El Calafate

At due time, transfer to the airport to board the scheduled flight to El Calafate. Arrival and reception at the airport. Afternoon at leisure to explore the city or visit the Glaciarium, a museum dedicated to glaciology that will help you understand the glaciers’ magnificence that you will know during your stay. (B)

Day 4 – El Calafate

Departure from the hotel to the Perito Moreno Glacier, located in Los Glaciares National Park, a Natural Heritage Site. The glacier is an impressive river of ice with an area of 257 square kilometers (159 square miles), and a height of the front wall varies between 50 to 60 meters (165 to 200 ft.) above the level of the lake. During the tour, a walk along the footbridges located in front of the glacier, allow us to admire this impressive natural wonder from different viewpoints. This tour is enhanced by a 1-hour boat ride that provides a view of the glacier front of the glacier from the water level, which help us to appreciate its real height. Free time for lunch (not included). In the afternoon, return to the hotel.(B)

Day 5 – El Calafate

Day at leisure to take an optional tour, ideal for visiting El Chaltén, Torres del Paine or making a boat trip through the Argentino Lake. (B)

Day 6 – El Calafate / Buenos Aires

Free morning to enjoy El Calafate. In due time, transfer to the airport to board the scheduled flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Time at leisure.(B)

Day 7 – Buenos Aires / Puerto Iguazu

At due time, transfer to the local airport to board the flight to Puerto Iguazú. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation.Time at leisure to relax at the hotel.(B)

Day 8 – Puerto Iguazú

In the morning, we visit Iguazú National Park, Argentinian part of the falls, declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. During the tour, we go through the three circuits of the Park: Gargantadel Diablo (to reach the balcony and viewpoint of the most imposing falls of the Park), The Upper Trail (that provides a view of the falls from above) and The Lower Trail (that offers a closer contact with the vegetation and the falls). During the tour, free time to have lunch (not included) and to take optionally The Great Adventure. In the afternoon, return to the hotel.(B)

Day 9 – Puerto Iguazú / Buenos Aires

We leave Puerto Iguazú to get to Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and visit the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. Once inside the reserve, as we walk along the only catwalk within the Brazilian Park we appreciate a panoramic view of the full arc of the falls, until reaching the lookout of Gargantadel Diablo. Return to Puerto Iguazú to board the flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, connection to the International Airport if necessary.(B)

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First ClassJoin-in Tour
Jan 27 - Feb 04$1,095$1,585
Feb 10 - Feb 18$1,095$1,585
Feb 24 - Mar 04$1,095$1,585
Mar 10 - Mar 18$1,095$1,585
Mar 24 - Apr 01$1,095$1,585
Apr 14 - Apr 22$1,050$1,495
May 12 - May 20$1,050$1,495
Jun 09 - Jun 17$1,050$1,495
Jul 14 - Jul 22$1,050$1,495
Aug 11 - Aug 19$1,050$1,495
Sep 15 - Sep 23$1,050$1,495
Oct 13 - Oct 21$1,095$1,585
Oct 27 - Nov 04$1,095$1,585
Nov 10 - Nov 18$1,095$1,585
Nov 24 - Dec 02$1,095$1,585
Dec 08 - Dec 16$1,095$1,585
Dec 28 - Jan 05$1,255$1,745
DeluxeJoin-in Tour
Jan 13 - Jan 21$1,350$1,955
Jan 27 - Feb 04$1,350$1,955
Feb 10 - Feb 18$1,350$1,955
Feb 24 - Mar 04$1,350$1,955
Mar 10 - Mar 18$1,350$1,955
Mar 24 - Apr 01$1,350$1,955
Apr 14 - Apr 22$1,240$1,870
May 12 - May 20$1,240$1,870
Jun 09 - Jun 17$1,240$1,870
Jul 14 - Jul 22$1,240$1,870
Aug 11 - Aug 19$1,240$1,870
Sep 15 - Sep 23$1,240$1,870
Oct 13 - Oct 21$1,350$1,955
Oct 27 - Nov 04$1,350$1,955
Nov 10 - Nov 18$1,350$1,955
Nov 24 - Dec 02$1,350$1,955
Dec 08 - Dec 16$1,350$1,955
Dec 28 - Jan 05$1,510$2,115
Note - Internal airfare not included. Please contact us for current applicable pricing.
* Minimum 2 passengers
* It is possible to depart on this program on any day as a Private Tour. Please check for the price.
* Single travelling alone price is available upon request.
* Supplements may apply for special events and holidays.
* The accommodation will be provided in the below hotel or similar in case the priority hotel is unable to accommodate the booking.

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  • All transfers
  • Accommodation: 8 nights
  • Buenos Aires (3) – El Calafate (3) -Puerto Iguazú (2)
  • Tours:
  • Buenos Aires: City tour – Dinner tango show
  • El Calafate: Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Puerto Iguazú: Argentinian falls – Brazilian falls
  • Meals: 8 breakfasts – 1 dinner
  • Needed tickets to the Parks and museums

To keep in mind:

  • Puerto Iguazú: The access to Garganta Del Diablo can be interrupted because of the rise in river flow.
  • In case of taking The Great Adventure, check with us its restrictions.
  • When staying in Iguazú, there are options of accommodation on the Argentinian side (Puerto Iguazú) or on the Brazilian side (Foz do Iguaçu).
  • Due to the frequent flight reschedules, please consult the needed ones at the time of booking.

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