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    5.8 Million

  • Size_blue

    16,640 sq mi

  • currency_blue

    Danish Krone

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    Time Zone

    UTC +1

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    No Visa Required

Nordic Capitals & Fabulous Fjords
15 Days

Prices from $8,305 per person

Enjoy the best of Scandinavia including the Scandinavian capitals, Helsinki, Tallin and the stunning Norwegian fjords. Be treated to the rich cultural and historic heritage of these capitals and the wild nature of the fjords. Enjoy this fabulous part of the world with its history, architecture and nature.

Viking Capitals & Fabulous Fjords
12 Days

Prices from $6,370 per person

This small group journey starts in the City of Fairy Tales, Copenhagen and continues across Denmark to Aarhus and the by sea to Stavanger. Explore Bergen, the Fjords and Oslo before arriving in the lovely and elegant capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Enjoy the natural beauty of the magnificent Norwegian Fjords and the fascinating northern capitals, with their cobbled streets, palaces, and canals. Be amazed by the contrasts of the Viking Capitals and the nature of the wild fjords. Feel the Essence of the North!

Visions Of Scandinavia & The Baltics
17 Days

Prices from $4890 per person

Embark 17 day tour of the Nordic and Baltic capitals, starting in Copenhagen, and ending in Vilnius, Lithuania. Experience beauty of the fjords while exploring iconic landmarks in each city, such as Copenhagen’s Nyhavn, Oslo’s Vigeland Sculpture Park, Stockholm’s Gamla Stran, and helsinki’s Suomenlinna Fortress. Immerse yourself in the medieval charm of Tallinn’s Old Town and admire the Art Nouvaeu in Riga. Customize your tour by including a visit to the Norwegian Fjords for a truly unforgettable experience.

Visions Of Scandinavia
10 Days

Prices from $3,405 per person

Experience the best of what Scandinavia has to offer: fjords, waterfalls, coastal and city culture, the unique Viking History, mountains & majestic forests.
The tour will lead you through Nordic cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, Karlstad and Stockholm. The rest of the time is to explore beautiful nature, fjords, waterfalls, mountains and lakes. There will be an escort following the route all the way from Copenhagen to Stockholm to share some interesting stories about the countries and their habitants. Don’t worry about having any vouchers for the hotels or trains, these will be taken care of, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride