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Highlights of Taiwan
8 Days

Prices from $1,695 per person

One of the most densely populated places on earth, Taiwan is also a natural wonderland with steep mountains, magnificent forests and an array of scenic attractions. Although most westerners view the island primarily as a business and high tech hub, Taiwan is rich in Chinese cultural traditions and is a leading center for Asia’s thriving entertainment industry.

Splendors of Taiwan
10 Days

Prices from $5290 per person

Taipei : Window to Taiwan
4 Days

Prices from $535 per person

One of the most beautifully planned and easily to navigated cities in Asia, Taipei reflects sophisticated master planning with just the right patina of Asian style. Beautiful parks, deluxe shopping centers, enticing street markets, authentic restaurants and fascinating museums make this city both a world commerce center and a remarkable cultural hub.

Taiwan : Culture & Nature
8 Days

Prices from $3,260 per person

Taiwan: The Hidden Gem of Asia
10 Days

Prices from $5,740 per person

Experience why Taiwan is known as the Hidden Gem of Asia. Discover the culture, the history, the delicious food as well as the natural beauty of Taiwan. This tour highlights the best of Taiwan. Visit bustling Taipei as well as explore the natural treasures of Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake, East Coast Scenic Area and Taroko Gorge. This tour has some fun foodie experiences: Dumpling Lunch at the famous Din Tai Feng Restaurant and a cooking class featuring traditional Taiwanese food.

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