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Best of Korea
7 Days

Prices from $2,745 per person

As Korea’s capital and most populous city, Seoul is the country’s vibrant center for business, education and culture. This comprehensive itinerary combines the bustling activities to be enjoyed in Seoul, the volcanic formed wonders of Jejudo Island and its tradition of women divers “Haenyeo,” and finally the majestic ancient former capital, Gyeongju. This scrupulously well-preserved city was home to Korean rulers for more than 1000 years.

Cultural Korea
7 Days

Prices from $2,845 per person

Korea at a Glance
5 Days

Prices from $2,125 per person

Dynamic yet steeped in tradition, Korea is the epitome of modern Asia. This itinerary offers an overview of Seoul, the fascinating capital city, Gyeongju, the ancient, beautifully preserved former capital and the bustling major sea port of Busan.


Seoul: Window to Korea
4 Days

Prices from $2,125 per person
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