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    1.39 Billion

  • Size_blue

    3,705,407 sq mi

  • currency_blue

    Chinese Yuan

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    Time Zone

    UTC +8

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    Visa Required

Asia Tapestry: The Best of China
10 Days

Prices from $2,325 per person

Asia has an abundance of alluring destinations, and the cities in this tour will give you a wonderful glimpse at ancient glory, breathtaking landscapes, cuddly pandas, and big city life. In this itinerary to Beijing, Xian, Yangshuo, Chengdu, and Shanghai.

Beijing 5 Days / 4 Nights

Prices from $725 per person

Discover the modern city of Beijing, China’s capital and one of its best-known cultural centers. Learn about the country’s history as you visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Ming Tombs. Just outside the city, walk on the impressive Great Wall of China.

China Discovery
8 Days

Prices from $1,835 per person

Ancient glory meets the dynamism of modern China in this exciting Beijing to Shanghai itinerary. You’ll visit the highlights of history including the Great Wall and Forbidden Palace followed by the amazing Terra Cotta Warriors and finally Shanghai and the entrancing “Venice of the East”, Suzhou.

Essence of China with Yangtze River Cruise
11 Days

Prices from $2,575 per person

China’s most awe-inspiring sights and cities are included in this 11-day feast of travel adventure. Behold, the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Warriors and the ancient city of Fengdu. Enjoy the deluxe cruise ship for a trip down the Qutang and Wu Gorges finally landing in breathtaking Shanghai.

Grand China
13 Days

Prices from $3,098 per person

With this 15 day tour experience everything that China promises. You’ll feel the grandeur of the Great Wall, marvel at the intricacies of terra cotta warriors, cruise through the extraordinary Three Gorges, journey to a land where limestone peaks pierce the air and rice fields abound, and roam the streets of an ultra-modern city.

Highlights Of China
10 Days

Prices from $2,420 per person

It’s about shopping, dining, entertainment and everything you’ve always wanted to see in China. Experience the highlights of Beijing and Shanghai with a city tour to Xian and a day to explore the Terra Cotta Warriors. You’ll sample China at its most alluring with all the extras including a Peking duck dinner.