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Women's Travel

SITA and The Women's Travel Group provide above and beyond travel experiences for women. Our women's itineraries are colorful and enhanced with speakers, inside visits and unusual sites. Solo women clients are not all single, we have mothers and daughters and gal pals who like to travel with other fun adventurous women. SITA creates exciting travel programs with the personalize service that women want.


Prices from $3,400 per person

February 11 – 17, 2021 From sophisticated Santiago, with its internationally praised vineyards, to majestic ancient forests and soaring volcanoes, Chile is a jewel with a fascinating history, a diverse ecology, and a modern, colorful culture. Our days in Patagonia bring you close to some on nature’s most magnificent landscapes in Torres del Paine National Park. Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is on many a bucket list. It is a perfect combination!

Enchanted Morocco
13 Days

Prices from $3,050 per person

April 16 – 28, 2021

Morocco combines truly exotic sights, customs, and people. Our trip touches ancient crossroads from the Roman North to the Berber Atlas Mountains and ends in the thrilling desert oasis of Marrakech. We travel in April when the weather is ideal and there is still snow on the mountains. Some nights are spent in authentic Riads: Classic Moroccan homes built around a courtyard and fountain. Special experiences include an optional night in a luxurious Berber tent in the desert.
Other optional: In Fez,a Hammam (A hammam is a dedicated Turkish style steam experience. You will be soaped and scrubbed to perfection). We offer a pre-tour to the ‘Blue City’ of Chefchaouen. Extend your stay in Marrakech at the luxury palace, La Mamounia. Join us for an African adventure with markets, minarets, and muezzins.

Spring in Berlin, Dresden and Prague
8 Days
Post Tour: Vienna, Austria

Prices from $3,997 per person
May 26, 2021- Jun 02, 2021

Vibrant Berlin is one of Europe’s greenest cities with over 2,500 parks and gardens. We explore Berlin walking through the Brandenburg Gate and along Unter den Linden
We visit museums, including the Holocaust Memorial and Pergamon plus architectural beauty: the KaDeWe Department Store and city of Potsdam.
Among the local meals we enjoy: a casual meal in typical beer hall, lunch beside Lake Wannsee and a gala dinner with a concert in beautiful Charlottenburg Palace.
Then on to Dresden of Baroque beauty, nicknamed “Florence on the Elbe”.
We are now in areas not conquered by the Romans, so very different from Western Europe. We spend our time exploring beautifully restored palaces
then on to Prague by train. In Prague, we see the Old Town Hall with the famous Prague Astronomical Clock,the winding lanes of the preserved Jewish Quarter, and the 100 spires on the skyline. Cafes entice us for a coffee and sugared pastry.
We offer an optional extension to Vienna, Austria’s legendary royal imperial capital.

Masai Footsteps in Kenya
Post tour – Madagascar

Prices from $3,475 per person
June 21 to 28, 2021

Savor the highlights of Kenya’s greatest wildlife reserves with a game drive through the Masai Mara National Reserve. Our journey includes Lake Nakuru with its beautiful flamingo-lined shores and a drive to admire majestic Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park.

Special deposit and cancellation policy when you book before September 1, 2020

Argentina’s Lakes and Glaciers
-The Far Reaches of your Imagination
Post Tour: Montevideo, Uruguay

Prices from $2,350 per person
November 3-12, 2021

There are places on earth that literally take your breath away. Iguassu Falls are not just waterfalls. Their impact on you will be like witnessing the beginning of the earth’s existence. From the Falls to Buenos Aires is a trip to Paris, but a Paris with fun markets, bright facades, grand boulevards all set to tango music. You will experience a history both brilliant and grim with the Perons looking out from museum cases. You will learn to tango!  Our time in BA will cover the highlights and allow for terrific shopping, and dining. Our central all-suite hotel is a neighborhood to wander.

We then move easily to a land of glaciers and lakes, mountains, heavy forests, and strange rock formations: Bariloche.  The Andes peaks here reach over 10,000 ft. Our lakeside lodge is very comfortable and inviting.

We offer a post-tour to Uruguay, with its Victorian architecture, quirky ambiance, and UNESCO Heritage old Portuguese towns. Anyone at any level will enjoy this trip!

Experience the Luxury of Taj Hotels and Palaces
8 Days

Prices from $3,400 per person

November 7 to 14, 2021

India’s Golden Triangle includes the three most visited cities in the country’s northwest corner, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. This area has been dubbed “golden” because of the vast wealth of cultural and historic treasures to be found in these three cities. From the majestic Taj Mahal in Agra to the fascinating abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri, this golden land beckons with the mystery and complex cultural drama of India. Jaipur looks like an old Raj film and offers the best gems.

Delhi (at the beginning and end of our journey) makes it easy to add other cities to your trip. Our suggestion is the Southern India Post trip, an adventure to the tropics and mysterious wonders of the Malabar Coast: Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Spices and Silk – Southern India:
the Malabar Coast, Kerala,
and Tamil Nadu
9 Days
Optional: Pondicherry Extension

Prices from $4,095 per person


November 14 – 22, 2021 

The sights, sounds, and aromas of India await, as you wend your way through the lush landscapes and colorful markets of Kerala.  The Portuguese, Syrian Christians, Jews, and Dutch all left their mark on the cuisine and culture  Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world and Kerala Ayurveda is justifiably famous. The Cochin Jewish community is the oldest in India dating back to King Solomon’s time  Modern Syrian Christians of Kerala believe that the Apostle Thomas visited in A.D. 52 to baptize their ancestors. Southern India is a magical place filled with a rich cultural history.  A land of spices that has a fascinating cuisine distinct from the North. Explore, relax, and unwind!

Journey to Golden Burma (Myanmar)
Pre Tour: Laos
Post Tour: Inle Lake Extension

Prices from $2,650 per person

Book Main Tour with a Pre-Tour or Post-Tour for a $100 discount

November 27-December 6, 2021 

These areas were isolated for decades. For the tourist that means unspoiled vistas and little Western influence.  This trip is a combination of  two of the most ‘original’  SE Asian countries: Myanmar and Laos. It is a perfect region to experience the real SE Asia: its golden temples, candle lit monasteries, and untouched villages with handmade crafts.  We walk with monks, meet with merchants, and smile at mothers. Locals are excited that we are visiting. Both countries are set against green tropical foothills feeding lakes and rivers.  Laos is also less visited; Laos was a French colony.  A legacy is left in food and colonial buildings but not in its many remote villages.

We can promise you an experience like no other in Asia and a trip that is well paced, very inclusive, but not difficult. Meals are local and adjusted to Western palates.

Ancient Egypt
10 Days
Optional Pre-Tour To Alexandria
Optional Post-Tour To Jordan

Prices from $3,995 per person

December 4, 2021

In grade school, you learned that Egypt was the cradle of Western civilization. You might even recall 1 or 2 hieroglyphics from the blackboard.  2021 is the year to stop remembering and book. From its balmy Mediterranean coast to stark endless Saharan dunes, Egypt is so much more than you thought. You gasp at The Pyramids of Giza and when seeing the iconic Tutankhamun Tomb in Luxor, even at the Nile River as it snakes through the sand.  But until you experience remote Abu Simbel with gigantic statues of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari, you have not yet felt this intensity. Combine our luxury Nile cruise, Cairo museums and markets, Sphinx and Pyramids presented to you by our private Egyptologist guide. Top hotels and cruise ships, wonderful small group meals, meetings with locals and personal assistance all enhance your experience. As on all our trips, we offer a post (in this case Petra, Jordan) , a pre-tour to historic Alexandria and we can arrange for back-to-back tours for as long as you wish to travel.


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