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Women's Travel

SITA and The Women's Travel Group provide above and beyond travel experiences for women. Our women's itineraries are colorful and enhanced with speakers, inside visits and unusual sites. Solo women clients are not all single, we have mothers and daughters and gal pals who like to travel with other fun adventurous women. SITA creates exciting travel programs with the personalize service that women want.

Chile: Patagonia, Easter Island and Buenos Aires(Women’s Only)
7 Days

Prices from $4340 per person
From sophisticated Santiago, with its internationally praised vineyards, to majestic ancient forests and soaring volcanoes, Chile is a jewel with a fascinating history, a diverse ecology, and a modern, colorful culture.  Our days in Patagonia bring you close to some on nature’s most magnificent landscapes in Torres del Paine National Park.  Easter Island (Rapa Nui), is on many a bucket list.  It is a perfect combination!

Thanks Giving in Istanbul 2023

Prices from $1864 per person

Nov 22 – Nov 28 , 2023

This tidy little trip takes you to Istanbul for Thanksgiving. Istanbul sits between Europe and Asia and everywhere you look you see an exotic and exciting mix. You will never forget Thanksgiving in Istanbul. Many direct flights make the trip smooth, ask us for air. We can connect you with our Greece trip to make your adventure longer.

Ancient Greece – Myths & Legends 2023

Prices from $2770 per person

Nov 13 – Nov 22, 2023

This tour starts in Athens with a panoramic tour of the historic landmarks of the city. A guided visit to the Acropolis to see the temple of Athena Nike, the Parthenon, and more. Next, we will transfer to the port of Trokadero for a day cruise to the islands of the Saronic gulf. Delphi is up next for a day full of admiring the amazing sights and learn the history. Then experience the wonders of the Ancient Olympia Complex, where the original Olympic Games were held.

UAE & Oman 11 Days 2023

Prices from $ 5,100 per person

Oct 11 – Oct 21, 2023

The best of Middle East can be found on this tour of fascinating Oman and two of the United Arab Emirates: Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai highlights include the Al Fahidi Historic District, a dinner cruise on a traditional Dhow, a visit to the UNESCO Cultural Capital of the Arab World: Sharjah, and a Desert Safari. In Oman, city tour of Muscat, visit the Nizwa Fort and Souk as well as the beautiful fort, Jabreen Castle. Our visit to Abu Dhabi starts in the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain. Other highlights include a visit to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Ferrari World, and the Falcon Hospital.