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Women’s Only Travel

SITA and The Women's Travel Group provide above and beyond travel experiences for women. Our women's itineraries are colorful and enhanced with speakers, inside visits and unusual sites. Solo women clients are not all single, we have mothers and daughters and gal pals who like to travel with other fun adventurous women. SITA creates exciting travel programs with the personalize service that women want.

Masai Footsteps in Kenya
Post tour – Madagascar

Prices from $2,950 per person
June 21 to 29, 2020 Savor the highlights of Kenya’s greatest wildlife reserves with a game drive through the Masai Mara National Reserve. Your journey includes Lake Nakuru with its beautiful flamingo-lined shores and a drive to admire majestic Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park Optional extension: The island of Madagascar is sometimes called the 8th continent because of its unique fauna and flora. 80% of its 15,000 plant species are found no place else in the world! Over 100 species of Lemurs that are only found here. Warm welcoming people and dramatic scenery put Madagascar on the ‘must see’ list.

The Fabulous Asian Adventure
Bali to Komodo Dragons: A Trip of a Lifetime
including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
Borneo, Malaysia pre-tour

Prices from $4,500 per person
September 11 – 21, 2020
Pre-tour: Borneo, Malaysia
September 7 – 10, 2020
Malaysia is only the beginning of one of the most stunning trips you will ever take. From exciting Singapore visit the most spectacular areas of Indonesia, and end up face to face with the Komodo Dragons. Bali with the Ubud area and Yogyakarta are movie sets famous for rice terraced hills, Hindu temple complexes, and colorfully dressed locals. We offer excellent hotels, restaurants with gourmet food and give enough time for personal pursuits and a try at Asian spa treatments. Bali and Indonesia in general have some of the finest crafts in the world.
Borneo Pre-tour
Add an exciting adventure visiting the Orangutans and
the Proboscis monkeys on the island of Borneo!

Colors of India during fabulous Diwali Festival
November 7-18 2020
Pre Tour Varanasi on the Ganges in India Nov 4-8
Post Tour Kathmandu, Nepal Nov 17-21

Prices from $4,199 per person
Nov 7 – 18, 2020

The Women’s Travel Group’sIndia is a must. Our trip includes all the highlights plus Diwali, Festival ofLights. Our tour will mean so much more with a visit to a private home for a Diwali dinner, even a sample a fun yoga lesson. We stay in fine hotels and areescorted throughout our tour by our handpicked specialist. There is plenty of time to learn and love the magic of India and even pick up a few bargains inthe process.


Prices from $3,810 per person
November 12 to 18, 2020
From sophisticated Santiago, with its internationally praised vineyards, to majestic ancient forests and soaring volcanoes, Chile is a jewel with a fascinating history, a diverse ecology and a modern, colorful culture. We’ll visit Valparaiso, enjoy a wine tasting and soak in the ambience of Santiago before heading South. Incredibly beautiful Torres del Paine National Park is a nature lover’s dream with snow capped mountain peaks, mirrored in lakes and abundant rivers and waterfalls. We add options of a pre-tour in exciting Buenos Aires and an extension to historic Easter Island

Enchanted Morocco
13 Days

Prices from $3,050 per person

April 16 – 28, 2021

Morocco combines truly exotic sights, customs, and people. Our trip touches ancient crossroads from the Roman North to the Berber Atlas Mountains and ends in the thrilling desert oasis of Marrakech. We travel in April when the weather is ideal and there is still snow on the mountains. Some nights are spent in authentic Riads: Classic Moroccan homes built around a courtyard and fountain. Special experiences include an optional night in a luxurious Berber tent in the desert.
Other optional: In Fez,a Hammam (A hammam is a dedicated Turkish style steam experience. You will be soaped and scrubbed to perfection). We offer a pre-tour to the ‘Blue City’ of Chefchaouen. Extend your stay in Marrakech at the luxury palace, La Mamounia. Join us for an African adventure with markets, minarets, and muezzins.

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