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Join in tours are a fun way to meet travelers from other English speaking countries. These programs are an excellent value and are quite popular. See our weekly departures.

Provence & The French Riviera
9 Days

Prices from $4,310 per person
Glamour, picturesque villages and stunning mountain scenery: this tour through the French Riviera and Provence is sure to impress with its diversity and dramatic beauty! Join us as we experience the luxury of the French Riviera, marvel at the architecture of Avignon and venture into the mighty Gorges du Verdon – soaking up some fascinating history along the way.

Iberian Inspiration
11 Days

Prices from $4,265 per person
East meets West and past meets present: Spain and Portugal offer a heady mix of treasures, from Arabic palaces and Roman temples to Catholic cathedrals and Jewish synagogues. Join us as we take to the scenic back roads on this journey into the heart of ancient Iberia.

Explore Eastern Europe
9 Days

Prices from $4,395 per person
A land of ancient cities, time-honoured culinary customs and ever-changing landscapes, Eastern Europe rewards those ready to explore. Discover the highlights of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland on this memorable tour of this beautifully varied region.

Glimpse of WWI Battlefields
5 Days

Prices from $1,250 per person
This introductory tour allows visitors to see the major areas of British and Commonwealth involvement across the Western Front. Most importantly, the tour offers flexibility to ensure that visitors from all countries will see the memorials to their country’s fallen, as well as gaining a greater understanding of the overall conduct and strategy of the war.

Highlights of the Baltics
11 Days

Prices from $4,590 per person
A decadent display of history, lavish palaces and tranquil towns, this tour of the Baltics allows us to embark on an impressive journey together, taking in one highlight at a time.

Essence of Austria
7 Days

Prices from $2,500 per person
Fall head over heels for Austria’s deep valleys and sparkling blue lakes on this leisurely sojourn through enchanting alpine villages, charming baroque cities and fascinating castles. If the breathtaking scenery doesn’t capture your heart, the delicious local cuisine certainly will!

Absolute Italy 2020
9 Days

Prices from $2,360 per person

Heart of Italy With Cinque Terre
8 Days

Prices from $2,075 per person

Tokyo: Window To Japan
4 Days

Prices from $1,645 per person
Tokyo is Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous city. A glamorous, world-class metropolis, Tokyo offers an unlimited choice of shopping, cultural attractions, entertainment and fabulous dining. Historic temples, inspiring gardens and great museums dot the city.

Sunny Italy 2020
8 Days

Prices from $1,800 per person
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